Lessons and rentals are back! Call in to schedule an appointment.

Taking a lesson is the perfect way to test out the sport or polish up your skills. If you are brand new, our one-on-one personal lessons will get you started comfortably. You will learn the basics such as the parts of the bow and what they do along with archery safety and introductory technique. If you can already shoot but have maybe forgotten a few things over the years, taking a lesson can give you that refresher you need to get back on the range.

  • All equipment is provided (feel free to bring your own if you have)
  • Private 10 yard room for personal lesson time
  • Minimum age of 12
  • Can accommodate up to two archers at a time
  • $40 for single lesson (30 min)
  • $75 for double lesson (40 min)
  • Call for time and availability (preferably one week in advance)
  • Boy / Girl Scouts – schedule by appointment only (call for info)

If you have taken a lesson and know how to shoot, we also rent equipment.

  • All equipment is provided (traditional recurve bows only)

  • Range with up to 20 yard distance

  • Minimum age of 12 (with adult present)

  • Can accommodate up to two archers at a time

  • $35 for single rental (1 hour)

  • $60 for double rental (1 hour)

  • Call for time and availability

  • Must have already taken a Flying Arrow lesson or show sufficient knowledge of archery